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Latest News (updated 02/11/17)

Spring Season 2017!

Spring Season starts Tuesday, February 22 at 2:30 sharp, in the weight room.
and runs through the end of May.

Practice: Is five days per week. Four weekday afternoons from 2:30 to about 6 p.m. We don't yet know which weekday will be the off day. It will be either Wednesday or Thursday. Practice will also take place on Saturday mornings, time TBA. For more info, contact Andrea Shandell.


Crew Jacket Info:

Any new members who have paid a deposit for Spring 2015 may order a jacket. Contact Andrea Shandell for information. Flyttfirma i Stockholm

If you joined Crew (and paid your deposit), you're eligible to purchase a very cool Gortex WJ Crew weather Jacket. It is not mandatory that you buy a jacket. Not all rowers have a jacket. (The uni --one piece uniform --is mandatory. More on that later ...)
If you want to see what a jacket looks like and don't see them around school, let me know and you can come by my house to see one. Or scroll through this site, and you'll see our rowers wearing them.

If we order eight or more jackets the price will be $159.00 each.
Send your size and how you want your name to read. Let me know if you want your first name or last. Most rowers do last name, but many do first name. Let me know your class.
Lizzie '05
Fox '05
Kennedy '06

Ask the current rowers about sizes. Extra large turned out to be too big for the big guys. The small is good for most of the smaller girls.
TO ORDER JACKETS: Send by email. I will arrange to pick up your check before the 28th.
Call or write if you have questions.
Andrea Shandell
301 530-4945

Next Board Meeting

at Baja Fresh, Feb. 15,
7 p.m. All invited.


Check out our fundraising page.

Don't forget to buy your GIANT cards!! E-mail June Baldwin to get order your cards. There is NO COST involved at all to you for this fundraiser!! We all know you eat, so why not use a WJ Giant gift card?!!

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