Walter Johnson High School
Crew, Inc.


Welcome to Walter Johnson Crew 2014!
Training Rules

· No alcohol, drugs, or tobacco: Use of these will automatically cut you from the team. You cannot be at your best if you are using these substances while training.
· You must watch out for each other. You have a responsibility to yourself and your teammates to keep yourselves from being in a position where you could be cut from the team. Look out for each other. You also are obligated to let the coaches or captains know if somebody is breaking the training rules.

Workout Rules & Land Training
· If you are physically unable to do the land training you will not be allowed to row until you are able to do so.
· If you are able to practice less than four days a week you probably will not race. The final decision is up to the coaches.
· Come prepared and ready to workout. If you don't have workout clothes, you will not practice.
· Always train in groups.
· Always be in the area designated by the coach.

Attendance, Scheduling, Priorities, & Attitude
Practices are not optional. Expect to be at the boathouse Tuesday through Saturday.
If you know you cannot attend a practice, it is your responsibility to tell the coaches well in advance if at all possible. Just not showing up will be greatly frowned upon. This includes being sick (either not going to school or leaving early). Contact the Crew President, or coaches, either by e-mail or phone (phone numbers and e-mails are on the crew Web site:

We practice rain or shine. The only things that will keep us off the water are lightning, high winds, high water, or extreme cold. Listen for announcements at school. If you do not hear an announcement over the PA then there is practice. In the event we cannot practice on the water, land training will be held at the boathouse.

There is practice over Spring Break. Although you are not being penalized, your seat cannot be held for you while you are away on a trip.

Keep things in their proper priority during season:
1. Family
2. School Studies (not clubs, etc)
3. Crew
4. Other

If you are unable to do this, you should consider giving up crew and doing whatever is number 4. Furthermore, you are aware of how much time it takes you to maintain your studies. Do not make excuses for not getting your work done outside of practice, and then miss practice to make things up. Learn to manage your time.

Be considerate of your teammates and coaches. Disrespect, abuse, or improper behavior directed towards a team mate, coach, or any member of another team will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the team.

Boat House Rules
· Do not use or move things that do not belong to you.
· Everybody must help in getting the boats on and off the water, and setting up and taking down the motor launches each day. When it's your turn be ready to do it. We have limited space and time to get things done in, let's not waste it.
· There is no running or horseplay in the boathouse, or on the docks and ramps.
· Do not interfere with another team's practice.
· To ensure you are not in anyone's way, be in the area designated by the coaches at all times! Don't wander off.

*Safety Rules*
· All persons trying out for the team must past a swim test. You are excused if you can provide valid certification as a lifeguard.
· All oars are floatation devices. They will keep you afloat.
· If your boat swamps (fills with water) or turns over, stay with the boat! It will not sink. Hang on to it until you are picked up by a coach’s launch. NEVER LEAVE THE BOAT!
· If you catch a crab, and are thrown overboard, try to keep your head down until the boat has passed. Try not to panic. Come up and tread water. The coach’s launch will pick you up. Also, the crew should stop immediately and lend help.
· When in the boat and on the water, follow the instructions of the coxswain and coaches quickly and properly. The coaches and coxswain know how to control the boat and keep practices as safe as possible.

Your Responsibilities
You are responsible for your own equipment; boat, oars, uniforms.
Always bring extra dry warm clothes.

Standards & Expectations
The coaches reserve the right to make final decisions concerning the status of all rowers and coxswains.
The following are our expectations for your participation on this team. We expect you to:
1. Embrace the team concept.
2. Behave like a Walter Johnson athlete.
3. Take self-responsibility for your performance.
4. Train like a champion

1. Embrace the Team Concept.
We expect that:
· You will realize that the team’s concerns come before your own.
· You will make a concerted effort to unify the team.
· You will develop trust in your teammates, coaches, and support staff.
You can expect that:
· We will treat every team member as an individual; in other words differently.
· We will maintain a philosophy that nobody is more important than the team, including ourselves.
· We will take actions and make decisions with the team’s best interest in mind.
· We will probably at times through the course of the season, make decisions with which you do not agree or that you think are unfair.

2. Behave like a Walter Johnson athlete.
We expect that:
· You will follow team and NCASRA rules.
· You will perform well academically.
· You will represent Walter Johnson High School and Walter Johnson Crew with the highest degree of integrity and class by conducting yourself in a manner that is beyond reproach.
You can expect that:
· We will respond harshly to anyone whose behavior embarrasses this team.
· We will make sure you are supplied with equipment and gear that will allow you to represent Walter Johnson crew with pride.
· We will see to it that team policies are made clear to you.
· We will maintain a philosophy that integrity is more important than winning.

3. Take self-responsibility for your performance
We expect that:
· You will view challenges as opportunities.
· You will embrace competition as a positive means of bettering yourself.
· You will realize that what you become as a rower is a direct result of the effort you put into it.
You can expect that:
· Nobody will hold your hand athletically.

4. Train like a champion.
We expect that:
· You will train with passion and purpose; you will train to win.
· You will maintain a positive attitude.
· You will approach practices with enthusiasm and desire.
You can expect that:
· We will challenge you physically and mentally.
· We will provide a well-planned training program.
· We will coach this team with great enthusiasm and desire.

(adapted from Bethesda-Chevy Chase Crew.)